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Fraser River School Contact Information

Principal:  Ms. Jennifer Harrison

Vice Principal:  Mr. Gary Pattern

Secretaries:  Mrs. Lena Harris, Mrs. Cindy Ziemlanski


Staff List

Division 1 Grade 8: Mr. Chad Oatway

Division 2 Grade 8:  Ms. Erica Gilson

Division 3 Grade 8:  Mr. Marc Ruus

Division 4 Grade 7/8:  Mr. Stephen Dimond

Division 5 Grade 8:  Mr. Jeff Smith

Division 6 Grade 8:  Ms. Pam Johnson

Division 7 Grade 8: Ms. D’Alice Marsh

Division 8 Grade 7:  Mr. Ken Leung

Division 9 Grade 7:  Ms. Tanya Kaselj / Ms. Melissa Johnson

Division 10 Grade 6: Mr. Bryan Aquino

Division 11 Grade 6:  Ms. Cara Boulding

Division 12 Grade 7: Mr. Christian Gibson

Division 13 Grade 7: Mr. Gary Pattern / Mr. Craig Preston / Ms. Erin Siddall

Division 14 Grade 6:  Mr. Sam Wang

Division 15 Grade 6: Ms. Maria Loutsik

Division 16 Grade 6: Ms. Jacqueline Lamasan

Division 17 Grade 7: Ms. Jody Mountain

Division 18 Grade 7:  Ms. Mirella Lioce

Division 19 Grade 6: Mr. Craig Newcomb

Division 20 Grade 6:  Ms. Samantha Tyers

Division 21 Grade 6/7: Ms. Samantha Dowdell

Exploratory Teachers:


Home Ec. :  Mr. Craig Preston

Tech Ed. & Art:   Mr. Matthew Lai

Band & Music:   Mr. Jack Colish


LST Teachers:

Ms. Kate Martinek 

Ms. Nicole Oke

Ms. Anna Roik

Ms. Aziza Bouchioua – ELL

Child & Youth Care Worker:  Mr. Aaron Jack ( Mon & Wed-Friday)

Child & Youth Care Worker: Mr. Mark Davis

Counsellor:  Ms. Maureen Quinn 

Counsellor: Tanya Kliefoth

Aboriginal Worker:  Mr. Lee Laufer

Librarian:  Ms. Jenny Yang

Education Assistants:


Ms. Karrie Lee Andrews

Ms. Irina Anoshina

Ms. Nora Cole

Ms. Theodora Pappas

Ms. Dami Damianus

Ms. Lily De Sousa

Ms. Kirsten Draney

Ms. Harkiran Grewall

Mr. Ray Hemmingsen

Ms. Terra Nimetz

Ms. Brandi Bollen

Ms. Jeri Wei

Ms. Nicole Yamanaka

Ms. Lyudmila Svrakova

Mr. John Rotor-Murphy


Crossing Guard:  Ms. Cindy Kaila

Custodians:  Mr. Mario Dela Cruz, Mr. Andrew Juett


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